Star Citizen - Tagaca


Tagaca is one of the characters in the single player story module of Star Citizen.  He is basically a big intimidating brute character.

This character was a collaboration with a bunch of artists at CIG.  Omar Aweidah made his clothe and did the initial head polish pass.  Jeremiah Lee hand drew and scanned the tattoos that I used on his arm.  Claudio Clemente did the initial assembly and polish pass.

I was tasked with the final polish for this character. I felt that the problem with Tagaca was that he didn't look good when we put the scanned head on a scaled up version of the base male body.  He didn't feel like a unified character with strongman proportions.  So what I did was re-sculpt the upper body, neck and arms.  I then re-textured the arms with faded tattoos and scars.  Finally, I did another polish pass on the head texture and some slight tweaks to the hair.

This character was done in winter 2017. Tools used were the usual: max, maya, zbrush, and mari.

Lumberyard Screen Shots and ZBrush Renders

Stills from Squadron 42 Gameplay Trailer


Cinematic Video