Supergirl TV - White Martian


White Martian is a creature I made for Supergirl season 1 episode 11. 

Basically White Martian is the nemesis of Martian Manhunter.  There is a lot of story about the Martians of the DC Universe and I'm sure you can research it for more info.

I think I spent about 18 days building this creature.

One interesting note is that I designed most of this creature.  The comic drawings of the white martians were very different from each other.  Some of them were also quite cartoony and stylized.  In the end, I basically looked at a lot of creature sketches, sculpts and horror movie maquettes for inspiration.

Another thing I recall is that originally I was going to give him some very simple but futuristic armor.  This was to show that his species had technology but mainly so I could cover his crotch.  The vfx sup decided that we were going to keep him naked to make him more creature-ish.  :)

This character was done fall 2015.  I used these tools at Encore VFX:  3dsmax, Zbrush, Mari and VRay.

Character Still Renders


Stills from Episode 1x11

Episode Clip