Supergirl TV - Kelex


Kelex is a robotic character I made for Supergirl season 1 episode 13. 

In the Superman comics, Kelex was Jor-El's helper robot on Krypton.  I think in the movie Man of Steel they redesigned him to be like a floating ellipsoid.  The version of Kelex we made for Supergirl is a bit more like the original design with a wide head, two thin arms and golden metallic skin. 

This was probably the character I spent the most time on at Encore.  Robots and characters with a lot of hard surfaces can be very tedious and time consuming to build.  I think I spent about 4.5 weeks on Kelex.  

My workflow for this character was to initially do a rough concept sculpt.  This is to help work out the silhouette and how the external plates fit together.  Then I re-topologized very broadly from the sculpt.  After that the bulk of the time was spent poly modeling and adding details.  I used some kitbash parts to help fill in the details in various areas, specifically Bulgarov's Black Phoenix kit for the elbows and joints on the floating leg plates. 

This character was done winter 2015/2016.  I used these tools at Encore VFX:  3dsmax, Zbrush, Mari and VRay.

Character Still Renders


Stills from Episode 1x13

Episode Clip