Amazing Spiderman 2


On this project we did some vfx shots for "The Amazing Spiderman 2" movie.  

I was the character lead for this show.  I modeled the Kari hologram.  She is the A.I. of the Oscorp building.  I also did the facial morphs/shapes and styled the hair for her.  This model is basically a digital head double of the actress Sarah Gadon.  The white clothing on Kari was made by my friend Gun Park.

An interesting note is that she is modeled true to scale relative to the scene.  What I mean is, her head is about ten feet tall to integrate into the building's atrium.  This huge head presented some challenges to shading, hair styling and simulation.

I also modeled the Green Goblin's arm for a close-up shot.  Sony provided us a model for the Green Goblin.  It was a great model, but it didn't hold up for this extreme close-up.  An interesting thing is that I didn't have any concept for the arm panel or the internal display.  I just started modeling it and kinda just made something out of my head - luckily it got approved.

In addition to production work, I supervised four other character artists.  They were mostly responsible for the creation of the sinister six suits that were teased at the end of the movie.  The Vulture wings and Octopus arms were built from scratch.  The Rhino suit was built from a model from Sony.

We did this project late summer 2013 and then returned to it a bit in the fall.  Poly modeling was done in 3ds max, textures in Mari, sculpting was done in ZBrush.  Rendering in VRay.

Character Renders

Still Images from Blu-Ray

Movie Trailer