Amazing Spiderman


We did the opening titles and some fx shots for the Amazing Spiderman film. 

I was the character lead for this project.  I think I supervised two in house character modelers and one offsite freelancer.

For this show I made the spider that crawls through the web in the titles.  We had to go through quite a few versions before the client approved. 

I also made the holographic version of Freddie the mouse.  He is regenerating his arm.  The first few regeneration attempts mutates his arm.  I sculpted the mutated versions.  All versions had to morph to each other so the arm nub had a ton of topology.

We did this project around spring 2012.  Poly modeling was done in 3ds max, textures in Mari, sculpting was done in ZBrush.

Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video