Supergirl TV - Digital Doubles


These are some renders of the digital doubles I made for Supergirl season 1.  These characters are used whenever there is a stunt that is too dangerous or when there is some super power that is seen.  An example is whenever Supergirl is in flight there's a good chance that what you are seeing is the cg character.  

These characters are made very quickly, usually around 6-8 days.  This is possible because we receive scan data of the actor in costume and we get lots of reference photos.  The scan data provides the big detail and proportions of the character model.  The fine detail like small clothing wrinkles and facial detail still needs to be sculpted by hand.  The photo reference is used for texturing through projection.

These character were done summer 2015 through spring 2016.  I used these tools at Encore VFX:  3dsmax, Zbrush, Mari and VRay.



Senator Crane / White Martian Facial Reveal