Star Citizen - Desert Nomad

The Desert Nomad game character was made for the 2016 CitizenCon presentation.  He's basically one of the enemy soldiers in the demo.  Later on this character was converted to a wearable player armor/costume.

This character was created on a tight deadline.  It was done in about four weeks.  Due to the short schedule I had some help from my friends at CIG.  Josh Herman made the hires sculpt of the helmet.  Omar Aweidah made the hires sculpt of the arm armor.  The concept illustration was done by Jeremiah Lee. 

The game mesh is 68k tris and there are two texture sets at 4k each.

These characters were done in the fall of 2016.  Tools used:  Max, Maya, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Handplane Baker, Mari, Lumberyard and Marmoset.

Marmoset and Zbrush Renders

Screenshots from Lumberyard

Game Video