Star Citizen - Ruto

Ruto is a holographic head in Star Citizen.  He gives missions in the game.

This head is actually a scan of someone at CIG.  I was provided a rough 3d scan and pictures from a photo shoot for textures.

I basically wrapped the standard game head topology to the scan.  Sculpted all the facial detail not in the scan.  Baked out maps to our standard head UVs and lookdev'ed in Lumberyard.

I created the human skin version of the Ruto head.  My friend Forrest Stephan lookdev'ed the head with a holographic shader in Lumberyard.

The costume that Ruto is wearing in the video is a variation of the bridge officer uniforms that I also created.

In this section about heads, I also added some images of a high res eye that I made for CIG.  They asked me to create a very detailed eye that we could use for extreme close ups.

This character was done in the late spring of 2017.  Tools used:  Max, Maya, Zbrush, Handplane Baker, Mari, Lumberyard and Marmoset.

Marmoset and Zbrush Renders

Detailed Eye Ball - Zbrush Renders

Screenshots from Lumberyard

Game Video