Raid - TV Commericals


These were characters that I made as a character modeling contractor at MPC Los Angeles.  They were for two Raid Commercials.  

The two characters were originally made by other freelancers.  MPC asked me to polish/redo them.  I basically kept the base mesh of both characters and re-sculpted most of the surface detail.  I textured both characters from scratch except for the back of the Roach.

These characters were not the most complex, but I really like how funny the end result was.  I don't think I've worked on an animation that made smile as much as the Roach commercial. :)

Another nice thing about this project was that I got to further learn and streamline my workflow in Maya.

I used standard MPC tools for this project: Zbrush on Win7 and Maya, Mari on Linux.

Character Images - Screen Shots from Mari and Zbrush

Production Stills by MPC Los Angeles