Heroes of the Storm - TV Spot

This Heroes of the Storm commercial was my first project after leaving Blur.  I went to MPC Los Angeles for an on-site freelance contract.  I was there for about 3 months.

On this show, I worked on four characters.  Two were hero characters, Diablo and Nova.  Two were background minion characters, Wizard and Captain.  MPC wanted me to focus on modeling, sculpting and UV's.  Texturing and shading were handled by another department at MPC.

For this show, Blizzard provided us with the game models.  They asked us to match their game models as closely as possible.  What we did was look at the details that were painted in the game textures and translate them into hi-res geometry and sculptural detail.

One interesting thing is that I had a chance to learn Maya and Linux.  The sculpting was still done in Zbrush on a windows machine, but everything else was done in Maya on Linux.  MPC's pipeline and tools were quite a bit more developed than what I used at Blur.

MPC tools for this project: Zbrush on Win7 and Maya, Mari on Linux.

Character Images - Screen Shots from Zbrush

Stills from Commercial