Tom Clancy's Hawx


For this game commercial I made the two jet fighters that are dogfighting.  While I usually create characters at Blur, occasionally I get to do some vehicle and prop modeling.

This was a smaller project for Blur and didn't get a ton of attention but it was a real joy for me because I love airplanes.  When I was young my father would buy me plastic model airplane kits.  I have many fond memories of the hours assembling and painting those models.

The game company provided some game models to us.  I built high resolution models based starting from those low poly real time meshes.  I also re-textured them with higher resolution maps.

I've polished and re-rendered these vehicles in VRay.  Originally they were built in 3ds max and rendered with Mental Ray.  This project was originally done in the summer of 2008.

Vehicle Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video