Goldfish Season 4


We got this project to make a series of commercials for Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers.  These turned out so well and Pepperidge Farms were so happy that they became a regular client of ours.

We don't do a lot of this cartoony style at Blur but I think we are great at it.  By the way, this project is called season 4 because seasons 1 through 3 were done by another studio.

I made 3 of the main characters for this show, Brooke, Gilbert, and Swimmington.  I also did another fish Candace.  The trick with these Goldfish is really their facial morphs.  Their base bodies are simple but they have to be really expressive so the facial expression shapes have to be really solid. 

As with any simple cartoon character it's really about getting the curves and silhouette just right.  The finesse of it is that there's not a lot there but what is there has to be just right.  This project really drove that lesson home for me.

This project we did around early 2009.  Poly modeling was done in 3ds max and it was originally rendered with Mental Ray.

Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio