Batman - Arkham Origins TV


This project was to make a 30 second tv commercial for the release of Arkham Origins game.  I really loved the idea of showing young Bruce Wayne growing up and taking a beating until he is Batman and can give it back.

I was the character lead on this project and we had an extremely tight schedule.  It was so tight that we had to split the main characters between two artists. Usually we don't do this at Blur.

I supervised 6 staff characters modelers on this project.  l also modeled two heads, one for the younger Bruce and the older boarding school Bruce.  We also did some extensive polishing of these characters during scene assembly, including blending facial displacement maps.

On my character renders, the clothing was done by Danny Garcia.  The hair was done by Alex Litchenko.

One interesting thing is Kevin Smith, who is a huge Batman fan, saw this piece and commented on it in his podcast.  He mentioned that it made him tear up.  I'm a big fan of his movies and proud to say "I've worked on a show that made Kevin Smith cry". ;)

We did this show in early fall 2013.  These character were modeled in max, sculpt in zb, texture in mari, rendered in vray.  Hair was done in ornatrix.

Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video