The Flash TV - Zoom


Zoom is the main villain of Flash season 2.  I made the digital double of him.  I have always loved villains so it was really fun to work on the main bad guy.

Basically digi-doubles are 3d characters that are built from a scan of a character and costume that was made in real life.  They are often what you see when some super-human action, dangerous stunt or tricky camera move is being done.

Encore schedules are short so I think I spent about 7 days to make this character. 

At Encore, we get some nice scans and photo reference for our digi-doubles.  For Zoom I re-topologized the scan.  Then I sculpted in all the fine details the scan doesn't get like smaller wrinkles, zippers, sharp creases and seams on the clothing and the weave patterns on his clothe and boots.  For his face mask the scan was very blurry so I had to model and sculpt all the details like wrinkles and sharp lines.  Zoom's costume was pretty easy to texture, everything is just black with small pattern details.  The trick was just to differentiate his clothing with shaders.

Zoom appears in multiple episodes as he is a recurring character.  Whenever you see him do something extraordinary like run on a wall, fall from the sky or teleport from a worm hole it's probably the digi-double that you are seeing.  Whenever you see him close up and/or relatively still you are probably seeing the actor in costume.

This character was done summer/fall 2015.  I used these tools:  3dsmax, Zbrush, Mari and VRay.

Character Still Renders


Stills from Multiple Episode

Episode Clips