The Flash TV - King Shark


King Shark is a character I made for The Flash TV show.  He was in season 2 episode 4 and later returned in episode 15.

This was one of the first characters I did at Encore VFX.  This character was initially done in about 12 days.  TV schedules are always pretty short.  When we found out that he would be back for another episode, I got another 4-5 days to polish him up.

The original concept sculpt was started by my friend Odel Palmer.  I took his proportional concept sculpt and reworked it, added detail and finished it.  The poly modeling, texturing and shading was done by me.  

When I later returned to polish King Shark, I updated the textures and shaders so he holds up better for close up shots.  I also spent quite a bit of time doing corrective blend shapes for his deformation in episode 2x15.  I think out of the 36 shots he's in, I fixed deformations in 23 of them.

I was not familiar with this comic character and I was originally skeptical about the design.  The half-man half-shark seemed a bit too ridiculous.  However, I like how the character came out and I was pleasantly surprised by how excited the fans were to see King Shark.  He also got some great press!

As a side note, the best things about working on a TV show like The Flash, is how hyped the fans get.  I really enjoy reading fan comments on reddit and watching reaction videos on youtube.  It's rewarding to see people get emotional and excited by your work.

This character was done fall/winter 2015.  I used these tools at Encore VFX:  3dsmax, Zbrush, Mari and VRay.

Character Still Renders


Stills from Episode 2x15

Stills from Episode 2x04

Episode Clips