The Flash TV - Grodd


Grodd is cg gorilla character that was originally made by the Encore VFX team from season 1.  This latest Grodd is an improved version that I polished for season 2 episode 7.

My polish to this version was:

  • rebuild and groom the fur from scratch
  • improve textures by adding more color and scratch detail to the face and chest
  • update and improve the body shaders
  • re-sculpt areas like the hands and feet

I also sculpted another version of Grodd's face that was more aggressive and more detailed.  However, the vfx sup thought it was a bit too different from the season 1 Grodd.  We decided to keep the face from season 1 and just polish textures and shaders.  

I think all off the polishing took a bit less than three weeks.  

This character was done fall/winter 2015.  I used these tools at Encore VFX:  3dsmax, Zbrush, Mari and VRay.

Stills from Episode 2x07

Episode Clip