Farcry 3


Farcry was a great project for character modeling.  We had a lot of interesting and yet subtle characters.  They weren't the usual future soldier or fantasy knight with tons of gear.  The characters were pretty natural and yet interesting in subtle ways.

The sad part is, for me, this was a rough time.  There was a cinematic project that I was lead on right before Farcry.  I was super passionate about it and I was working my ass off on it.  I was super psyched with how things went on that un-named project.  Then right at about the end of character modeling we found out that our cinematic was canceled.

I was totally demoralized and exhausted when I was assigned to lead Farcry 3.  I led 4 staff artists and 1 offsite freelancer on his show.

I decided to try to take it a bit easier and just do the background bad guys.  They were these dark skinned pirates.  They had to have modular clothe and gear so we could mix and match a bit.  It was a pretty quick and dirty character.

Honestly, the team did a great job despite my own physical and psychological fatigue.  I have to say this project came together beautifully.

We did these characters around winter 2011.  We used the standard tools.

Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video