Elder Scrolls Online


These are a series of cinematics that we made to promote The Elder Scrolls Online game.  On this show I made two characters.  The Wood Elf and the Argonian Warrior.  Both were mid ground characters with a few variations.

The Argonian is basically a lizard man.  This was a really fun character to create.  However it was also difficult to finish the character on schedule.  Since his body is covered with scales that need to be hand sculpted and he is also wearing an armored costume.  I recall that I put in a lot of extra hours to get him done on time.  Even with the long hours, I was happy to make this character and I'm happy with the results.

For the Wood Elf, I wanted to make a character where all his clothing and gear came from natural materials he could get around him.  I also made a few bone helmet variations and tribal paint variations for him.  I also made this weapon for him that is like a heavy bone claw.  I called it the power fist as an homage to Warhammer 40K :).

One interesting note is that the Wood Elf was the first big character at Blur that was textured in Mari.  I learned quite a lot about efficient Mari workflows with this character.  This character was also featured in a Foundry article about Blur using Mari in our pipeline.

The Wood Elf was made around summer 2012.  The Argonian was made in the Spring of 2013.  Standard tools: 3ds max, Zbrush, Mari, and Vray.

Character Renders - Argonians

Character Renders - Wood Elf

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio


Cinematic 1 - The Alliances

Cinematic 2 - The Arrival

Cinematic 3 - The Seige