Dante's Inferno


This project has always been special to me because it is loosely based on the first part of Dante Alighieri's epic poem.  Obviously it's a game and takes liberties, but I admired how the developer's used classic literature for inspiration.

I made two characters for this project, The Avenger and Giant Lucifer.  I really liked how Giant Lucifer is trapped in ice and has 3 heads.  I think this is accurate to the Inferno text.  We decided to powder him with snow and have him crying frozen tears.  I also like how the design seemed to be somewhat inspired by Gustave Dore's art.

The Avenger is a character that I'm not so fond of.  It was done fairly quickly at the time.  I have to be honest and say I didn't do a good job on this character.  Well - maybe in the future I'll polish him up to what he should have been.

Originally they were built in 3ds max and rendered with Mental Ray.  This project was originally done in the summer of 2009.

Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video (First video is a montage, Second video Cinematic Starts 1:10 in)