Star Citizen - Bridge Officer Uniforms

These are the costumes that are worn by the bridge officers in the Squadron 42 Gameplay Demo.  There are three variants and male/female versions of each.

The concepts were done by my friend Jeremiah Lee.  Most of the heavy lifting on the modeling side was done by cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer.  These costumes are the first character assets in Star Citizen to heavily use the cloth shader in Lumberyard.  The game meshes for these uniforms have about a 32k triangle count.

The unique rank markings in the video were created by my friend Cheyne Hessler.  You can see them on the neck, shoulder and cuffs of the uniforms.

These characters were done summer 2017.  Tools used:  Max, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Handplane Baker, Mari, Lumberyard and Marmoset.

Bridge Officer Uniforms - Male - Marmoset and Zbrush

Bridge Officer Uniforms - Female - Marmoset and Zbrush

Squadron 42 Gameplay Video