Bioshock Infinite


This was a commercial that we did for the Bioshock Infinite game.  I really liked how this version of Bioshock takes place in the sky.

I was the character lead on this show.  I supervised 3 staff Blur character modelers and 2 offsite freelancers.

Aside from supervising I modeled the main character Booker and the head and hands of the old man Preacher.  The clothe of the Preacher was done by a freelancer and posed and polished by my friend Mathieu Aerni.  The hair for Booker and the Preacher was done by my friend James Marcus.  I also did quite a bit of polishing and fixing of various deformation problems in our point cache.

In truth I took on too much on this project.  It was a relatively small project and had a fairly tight schedule.  I should not have tried to do 2 major assets and supervise the other characters.  There were a lot of late nights for me on this show - my appetite was bigger than my stomach.

We did this show in the fall of 2012.  We used the usual tools:  max, mari, zb, ornatrix, and vray.

Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video