Batman - Arkham Knight


This was another cinematic that we did for the Batman series of games.  This one was for Arkham Knight.

I made the Bruce Wayne character in this cinematic.  The face of Bruce Wayne was also used for the Batman character model.  The body was a modification on the base Batman model.  I mainly did the dark blue panels on the suit and the silver clips.

As with most of our Blur heads, we get a scan and sculpt on top of it and detail it.  The client cast a young man for the scan but later request that it be aged a bit.

The Batman body was done my friend Alessandro Baldasseroni and the hair was done by my friend Alex Litchinko.

We did this project at Blur in early 2014.  We used the usual production tools:  max, mari, zb, photoshop and vray

Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video