Assassin's Creed - Unity TV Spot


This was a TV commercial that we did for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed - Unity game.

On this show my friend Alessandro Baldasseroni was the character lead.  Toward the end of this show he went on vacation and I took over as lead.  He mostly handled the supervision of the creation of the characters.  When I took over, I mostly handled the polishing of the characters in the context of final lighting and rendering.

On this show, I created the head of the Crying Boy in the beginning.  This head was scanned by one of our vendors.  However, the boy being scanned was not able to stay still and the resulting scan was pretty bad.

My work on it was to re-sculpt problem areas as well as add detail.  After that I textured and shaded the head.  I created the facial morph shapes for animation. I also created the hair and facial fuzz. Finally I did a bit of changes and texture polishing to the hat and clothing.  The clothing and body was done by an off site freelancer.

I also did the hair styling of the Maid who kills the fat aristocrat in the end.  The Maid character was made by an offsite freelancer.

Afterwards my lead duties were to polish the characters in the context of final lighting, environments and animation.  This mostly involves polishing shaders and textures.  We also model on top of the animation to correct certain deformations and preserve anatomical volume better.

This project was done late summer 2014.  We used standard Blur tools. Max zbrush mari vray.


Character Renders

Production Still Renders by Blur Studio

Cinematic Video